All Pumps Sales & Service have recently supplied a very unique custom designed Fibreglass (FRP) Packaged Storm Water Pump Station for a Flood Mitigation Project for a School in Far North Queensland.

The Problem

The project presented a number of challenges from a design and delivery perspective right from the get-go.

The design had to accommodate the specified amount of emergency storage within a restricted footprint as it was being installed between existing school buildings and the Levee Bank being constructed around it. The depth of excavation had to be kept to a minimum due to the high water table in the location.

Furthermore, the client had a very tight timeframe from project award to project delivery to work to so all works could be completed prior to the school term resuming.


The Solution

All Pumps were delighted to partner with our client in the early stages to solve these challenges, and to design the custom tank as seen in the images in this blog.

As you can see in the images the horizontal emergency storage tank is directly moulded into the vertical wet well as a one-piece unit. This is to provide a compact solution which works within the design constraints, and also enables ease of install for our client.


Project Highlights

All of this was made possible by our in-house FRP manufacturing capabilities which enables us to build this custom solution for our client and have it delivered on-site on-time. This ensures that their project stayed on track!

Big shout out to our production team for their excellent work in the factory and to our client for a very professional install on site. Contact us today if you have any pump station requirements with significant design restraints, we love solving challenges!! #youllbepumped


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